Top Tips For Roof Maintenance and Repair

CoolSpec Perth: Our Top Tips For Roof Maintenance and Repairing


roof repairs perthThe roof is a vital component of any building as it provides protection against the elements. The years of exposure to extreme weather will eventually take its toll, and the roof will need to be repaired. To minimise the frequency of repairing the roof, it is a good idea to make periodical inspections.

Clean out the gutters

Guttering needs to be free of obstacles, and should be cleaned out on a monthly basis. If the gutters are blocked, it will cause an overflow, and water will run down the side of the building, causing damage to the brickwork. If one is looking for gutter repair in Perth, there are reputable contractors online that will provide the best solution.


This is not as expensive as one might think, as most of the existing roof structure is used in the re-roofing process. Re-roofing is the best option if the roof has sustained heavy damage, and it is not practical to repair. One way to really alter the appearance of any home is a re-roof, combined with exterior repainting, which will transform the property. Some houses are of poor design, and face the wind and rain, but by changing the shape and direction of the roof, it will improve drainage and offer greater protection against the elements.

Extra insulation

This is the ideal time to add some extra insulation, which will reduce the room temperatures in the hot season, while retaining the heat in the winter. A reputable roofing contractor would recommend this, as it a cost-effective way of conserving energy, while providing a more comfortable living environment.

Roof restoration

repairs to a tiled house roof in perth

If the roof has been slightly damaged, then restoration is the best option. This involves replacing any damaged components, and restoring the roof to its original state. It is significantly cheaper than re-roofing, as the latter is more labour intensive.

The roof restoration process

The first step is to remove all dirt, leaves, and debris to locate the damaged area. If necessary, further structural support will be added, giving the roof a solid foundation.  If the roof only needs a few tiles replaced, this can be completed in a short time. After cleaning and repainting, the restored roof will look like new, adding character to the property, and protecting the house against the elements.

Call in the experts

A roofing job is a big project, so it is best to consult an established contractor who will advise on every aspect from initial design to completion. With many years of experience, an experienced contractor can provide the ideal roofing solution at a reasonable cost.

Minimum inconvenience

All Roofing work will affect the house occupants to some degree, but with an experienced roofing contractor, this is kept to a minimum. If the work requires local authority approval, the roofing contractor will undertake this. The contractor should be flexible, allowing the client to choose the date that work will commence, while ensuring that the project is completed on time.

The roof protects the home against the elements, so it needs to be maintained. Regular inspections will ensure that any broken tiles can immediately be replaced. It makes sense to spend a little time and save a lot of money.