Proper Roof Maintenance To Protect Your Property

CoolSpec Perth: Proper Roof Maintenance To Protect Your Property

roof repairs & maintenance perth western australiaRegular inspection and maintenance is essential for any roof, in order that it can perform its task, which is to protect the house. The roof is critical to the building’s performance; unfortunately, most people do not consider their roof until it springs a leak, which can cause structural damage. Water leaks can, over a period of time, cause timber to rot, corrode steel, and encourage the growth of mildew and fungus.

If left unchecked, a leaking roof can result in a major re-roofing project, which is very costly and time consuming. A little maintenance can save a lot of money in the long term, as any defective components can be repaired immediately.

Check for loose or broken tiles

Roofing tiles are the front line in the defence against the weather, so it is essential they remain firmly in place. Strong winds can dislodge roofing tiles, which allows the rain to enter the property, causing damage to interior supports and ceilings. The roof should be visually inspected for loose or broken tiles, preferably before and after the winter months, with any missing or broken tiles replaced immediately. A roof inspection is hazardous, so it is a good idea to call in the roofing experts.

Gutters and drainpipes

A typical house has a network of gutters and drainpipes to take away the excess water, and these need to be regularly cleaned out. Leaves and small branches create a barrier, and the rainwater cannot flow, causing a build up. This can cause serious damage to the roof and walls, so regular cleaning is advised. A roofer will have high-pressure water hoses that can easily clear blockages, ensuring the guttering and drainpipes remain clear. If one is looking for gutters in Perth, an online search will reveal a local company that can offer a range of designs and materials to enhance the property.

Check the guttering brackets

guttering perthThese are important as they support the guttering, and can break away from the wall if under a lot of strain. Any broken or defective brackets should be replaced, making sure they are securely fastened to the wall by using plugs and the right sized screws.

Ceiling inspections

This is a good way to identify a leak on the roof, as water that enters will eventually run down and spoil the upper ceilings. Should this happen, contact a roofing contractor as soon as possible, to repair the broken tiles, and keep the home dry. Preventative measures save money in the long term, and regular visual inspections of the entire roofing surfaces will quickly identify the areas in need of repair.

Seasonal inspections

Roofs should be inspected twice yearly, preferably just before summer and winter, which are the seasons that bring extreme weather. Storms can cause major roof damage, so a roof inspection is advised after any severe weather.

With regular inspection and proper care, the roof will remain in good condition, and provide the home with protection for many years to come.