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1Does the quote include removal and disposal of old gutters?
Yes, our quotes are all inclusive so that you don’t need to lift a finger. We take care of the job from start to finish.
2What kind of gutters are best?
We use genuine Colourbond products as we feel they are superior to other products available. For more information see Guttering Fact Sheet
3How do I know if my gutters require replacement?
Often it is impossible to tell from the ground if gutters require replacement as the paint work underneath can still seem to be in good condition when the gutters are really completely rusted and almost rusted through which is evident from the top side of the gutter. We photograph the gutters when inspecting them and can show photos and advise on requirements accordingly.
4Can you match up sections of gutters for replacement?
There are many different types and styles of gutters and just a small difference in style can mean the replacement will not be effective. We measure the profiles and can ensure that replacement sections are completed correctly including correct colour match.
5The ridge capping on my roof needs re-pointing in areas. Can you match the existing colour?
Yes, there are over 20 different colours of roof pointing material and these can be matched with a colour chart in order for the new material to blend in with the existing.
6My eaves are showing signs of water damage, what is the cause for this?
Often there are concealed down pipe droppers running from the gutter through the eave to the down pipe. These can be blocked or rusted causing water damage to eaves or even in the house. Blocked gutters and down pipes cause the water to backflow and cause water damage so it is important that there are adequate down pipes and that the gutters are regularly cleaned.