How to clean gutters

A man replacing roof tiles in Perth
How to replace a roof tile
January 8, 2017
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How to clean gutters

A man cleaning dirty gutters in Perth

There are a lot of little things that must be done regularly to make sure a house doesn’t fall into disrepair. This is something that new homeowners in particular must come to terms with, especially if they have been living in an apartment or condominium. Lawns must be mowed, roofs must be checked and a whole lot of other tasks must be completed throughout the year.

One of the most commonly forgotten tasks is cleaning the gutters since they are fairly unassuming and tend to do their job with little to no fuss. However, failing to clean these out regularly can lead to serious issues. Rainwater will have nowhere to flow if gutters are clogged and the exterior of a house can be damaged due to this water overflow.

In addition to this, the gutters themselves can become damaged if debris is allowed to reside in them. Water pools also build and this can cause gutters to become loose or develop other issues such as rust or rot depending on the type of material used. However, by cleaning gutters regularly, these issues can be avoided.

Tools necessary

There are only a few things necessary in order to clean the gutters and most of these are common items many homeowners will already have. A ladder is obviously necessary in order for the gutters to be reached. Someone cleaning out gutters will also want to use heavy-duty work gloves to ensure they are protected from sharp items that might be found in the gutters. Do not use rubber gloves or clean gutters with bare hands. Finally, a bucket or bag to collect the debris and is advisable. For the second step of the cleaning process, a hose will be required.

First step

Once ready to begin, place the ladder along the house using best safety practices. Once the ladder is secure, begin the cleaning process by scooping all loose debris out of the gutters and placing it into the bucket or bag. It is recommended to use a garden shovel to help during this process, but some may find it easier to use their hands. This will need to be done for gutters all along the house.

Second step  

Once all the debris has been cleared out of the gutters, it’s time to use water to clear out whatever is left. A hose, preferable one with a high-powered nozzle, should be used to wash out the gutters all around the home. Be careful if there is a lot of mud or dirt in the gutters as this can fly off during the water washing process.

Final check

Be sure to examine drainpipes to see if water is flowing freely through them. Debris can build up here as well and cause water to back up. If there does seem to be a clog in the drainpipe, try using a snake to remove it.

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