Repair, Repatch or Replace ? What do I need ?

Roofs can become damaged for a variety of reasons. It is important that problems are dealt with as soon as possible in order to prevent these issues from developing and causing thousands of dollars to be spent fixing them.

The most important decision that you will need to make regarding your roof is to decide whether a problem simply needs to be re-patched, or requires more extensive repairs. If the issue has caused serious structural damage to a large section of the roof, then a full replacement may be in order.

Here at Cool Spec, we are able to carry out any kind or repairing or replacement job. Our technicians will be able to work in a safe and efficient manner during roof repair in Perth to ensure that your roof is back to normal in no time at all.

Read our helpful guide about whether you will need to repair, replace or re-patch your roof. The advice in this article will potentially help you to solve problems as quickly as possible.

Slipping Tiles

Tiles can slip out of place if the roof cement has become eroded. The cement can erode due to being exposed to large amounts of rainwater, and unusually high temperatures can also cause the mortar to develop cracks. In this case, you will simply need to re-patch the roof cement. Don’t panic and think that you have to replace the entire roof if this happens. Our technicians will be able to apply the new tile cement so that they stay in place.

Cracked Tiles

Cracked tiles can potentially cause water to leak into the house. The water can create havoc, such as short-circuiting the electrical supply and flooding the rest of the house. In this case, there is no point trying to repair the cracked tiles. The tiles have a greater chance of splitting if they are simply pieced backed together. Instead, the tiles need to be completely replaced.

Tree Falling On The Roof

The structural damage to the roof caused by a falling tree is a nightmare for any owner. This will mean that the tiles and the supporting joists of the roof will need to be completely replaced.

Cracked Guttering

Cracked guttering can cause lots of problems. Water may collect on the roof, or it may leak down the side of the house and inside via holes in the brickwork. The entire guttering may not have to be replaced if the cracks are in a localised area. That area of guttering can simply be removed or reinforced with a new section of guttering. This will ensure that any rainwater that falls into the gutter will be syphoned off down the pipe and away from the house.

Guttering Coming Away From The Wall

Guttering that has becoming damaged by stones or falling branches could start to come away from the wall. If this happens, then it is a serious problem that will require the entire guttering to be replaced.

Use this guide to decide whether the roof needs fixing. Call us now if you have a problem!

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