Australia’s Harsh Weather Conditions, Protecting your Roof & Gutter

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Australia’s Harsh Weather Conditions, Protecting your Roof & Gutter

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Australia is susceptible to extreme weather, that can put the structure of your house at risk. Torrential rain and flash floods are the most common threat faced by houses, especially in parts of the country that don’t see rain for many months. This is especially true for areas such as the Northern Territories and Western Australia, where the desert-like conditions mean that rainfall can occur suddenly and extremely heavily. The force of the water can be especially damaging for the guttering and the roof of your house.

If the guttering becomes cracked then there is a risk that the whole house will flood with rainwater. Cracked or slipped tiles will also let rainwater in. The effects of the water could lead to rotting joists and faulty electrics. These problems can potentially cost thousands of dollars to fix.

Cool Spec has years of experience in dealing with broken gutters by offering a quality gutter replacement in Perth. Read our helpful guide about the different ways in which the guttering and the roof can be protected against these extreme weather problems.

Have The Roof And Guttering Inspected On A Yearly Basis

The first step to making sure that the roof and guttering are completely protected is to have them regularly inspected. People who neglect to do this might find that issues go undetected until it is too late. You will have peace of mind that any problems can be detected. Common signs that there is a problem include damp in the loft, overflowing gutters and dripping water inside the house. If any problems are found, then we will be able to fix them in a timely and cost-effective manner.

Make Sure That The Guttering Has No Cracks

The most common problem that guttering will experience is cracks that occur in the plastic. This means that the gutter will not be able to syphon off the water from the roof of the building. Water will then be able to run down the side of the house and erode the brickwork. The water will also be able to seep into the house through minute gaps in the mortar that is between the bricks, These cracks should be fixed as soon as possible, so keep an eye out for any water that happens to escape.

Make Sure That The Guttering Is Fixed Securely To The House Wall And Roof

The guttering needs to be fixed securely to the wall and roof of the house in order to perform its job effectively. The guttering can start to come loose if it has been dislodged by a falling tree branch. It will be relatively easy to spot whether the guttering has come away from the wall, but it will be harder to spot if the guttering has come loose at the roof.  This will have to be identified during an inspection. The problem will need to be rectified quickly because the guttering could end up falling off the side of the house and injuring someone.

If your guttering needs to be fixed, call us now!

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