How To Choose A Roofing Company

A man points to a broken shingle on a roof in Perth
How To Fix A Leaking Roof
October 8, 2016
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How To Choose A Roofing Company

A man in Perth fixes a roof

A leaking or collapsing roof can be a nightmare for any homeowner, especially if the damage to the roof has a knock-on effect for the rest of the house. Common problems with roofs include broken tiles and damaged loft insulation. A damaged roof can lead to issues with mould and damp, as well as creating the risk of electrical circuits coming into contact with water. Loose tiles may fall from the roof and injure anyone who is walking or standing directly below.  

Choosing the right roofing company for the job requires some careful consideration. Cool Spec Roof & Gutters offers quality roof repairs no matter how big or small the task. Read this guide on how to choose the right roofing company.

Ask Friends And Family For Advice

Ask other family members or friends about their experiences with different roofing companies. They will be able to offer some good advice and may recommend a particular firm which has carried out work for them in the past. Testimonials from family members or friends are usually more reliable than reviews from people on the internet. Family members and friends will be able to provide more information than short online reviews.

Using a firm which has been recommended by someone close is an excellent way to build trust between the customer and the roofing firm. Building trust means that there are less likely to be points of contention between the two parties involved.

Check The Qualifications Of The Roofing Company

Only certified roofing companies should be hired to carry out work on the house. Homeowners should ask companies to display their credentials in order to prove that they are fully capable of carrying out the tasks which need to be done. So-called ‘cowboy’ roofing firms could potentially leave homeowners thousands of dollars out of pocket and may leave the roof in a worse state than it was in the first place.

Work Out A Clear Payment Plan

Problems often arise when the payment structure is unclear. Also, homeowners may feel the need to rush the roofing company if they have paid for work upfront. Work out a clear payment plan which works for everyone involved.

The best tactic is to set clear ‘milestones’ which need to be reached in order for payment to happen. After each ‘milestone’ is completed by the roofing firm, payment can be made. This prevents a situation where homeowners pay for work which hasn’t been completed, or where roofing firms are left waiting for a lump sum after work has been finished.

Monitor The Quality Of Customer Service

It is important to monitor how roofing firms handle their customer service before signing on the dotted line to have work done on fixing the house. It may be time to consider hiring a different roofing firm if a company is slow at answering calls and emails, or gives vague answers to important questions.

Hopefully, this guide has given some insight into hiring a roofing company.

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